Tire Shredding Tuesday: Dodge Dakota Lights’Em Up in Traffic

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dakota traffic burnout 600

In the world of doing big, smokey burnouts, few can draw more attention than doing one in non-moving traffic like the Dodge Dakota in this week’s Tire Shredding Tuesday video.  I should stress that this is likely the most dangerous way to do a burnout since there are so many stationary vehicles sitting around this Dakota so if something went wrong – from the truck lurching forward to the rear end sliding quickly to the side – there is the highest chance of a crash.  However, with great risk comes great reward and I know firsthand how much fun it can be to roast the tires in a crowd.  Those of you who were at the Woodward Dream Cruise in 2011 my know what I am talking about as there were plenty of cameras around when I roasted the rear tires of my Demon a little harder than this Dakota.

In any case, this Dodge Dakota does a short, quick burnout that produces a whole lotta smoke and while I emphasize that you should not try this at home or anywhere else – it certainly makes for a great little piece for Tire Shredding Tuesday.  The guy filming in the truck behind obviously found it as amusing as I do…although he seems to think that the Dakota is in a hurry.  I just think that he was a typical awesome Dodge driver showing off the power of his Dakota R/T.  Enjoy.

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