Black Fridays 1st gen Cummins Ram Cold Start Rollin Coal

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cold start first gen diesel 600

Many of our Black Friday features show a heavy duty Ram powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel engine either racing, pulling or doing a big smokey burnout but this week we look at a first generation CTD Ram rolling coal as the owner is trying to get the beast to start in a cold winter day.  Prior to trying to get this diesel Ram to fire up on a frosty morning, the man behind the camera gives us a quick walk around and he runs down the list of modifications – which is quite lengthy.

While it can be a headache to get any incorrectly prepared Cummins Ram to start on a cold day, the fact that this heavy duty Dodge pickup is so heavily modified allows this beast to spew some smoke before it fires – and some serious smoke once the driver gets it running.  it takes roughly 1 full minute of cranking before this Ram roars to life but when it does, it spews enough thick black smoke to make it very worthy of being featured on our Black Friday.


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