Black Fridays: 2g Cummins Ram Rolls Coal on the Dyno

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2g ram dyno rolling coal 600

There is just something special about watching a truck roll coal in a confined space and for this week’s Black Friday feature – we check out a 2nd gen Dodge Ram 3500 filling a room in the dyno shop with thick, black diesel soot.  We can see exhaust removal piping hanging from the ceiling but perhaps due to the location of the exhaust on this truck, we get to enjoy a clip of this super modified Cummins Turbo Diesel Ram pickup as it flexes its muscle on the dyno.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see what kind of power this Cummins Ram makes on the dyno but based on the size of the intercooler, the fact that it appears to have drag racing slicks on all four rims and the location of the exhaust – coming up through the hood – I would guess that this Ram is built for competition and that likely equates to big horsepower and monster torque.  We can assume that it makes huge power but one thing that is clear that this modded out Cummins Ram makes some serious smoke while it is being worked out on the Thoroughbred Diesel dyno.  Enjoy!


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