Tech Thread Spotlight: 1st generation Dodge Dakota Fuel Gauge Fix

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dakota fuel pump 600

If you’ve ever had a vehicle with a non-functioning fuel gauge it can prove to be a tremendous headache – especially if your Dodge Dakota happens to run out of gas because you forgot to keep track of how many miles you had driven since your last fill-up.  Fortunately, there are a few common problems that can cause the Dakota fuel gauge not to read or to read incorrectly and DF member oxygen454 has put together a great DIY of how to attempt to fix this problem on your own with a few simple tools and a bit of patience.

This thread details what problems might be causing the fuel gauge in your 1st gen Dodge Dakota to not read correctly followed by instructions on how to address those problems.  This thread also includes images of the Dakota fuel pump assembly and a wiring diagram of the Dakota fuel pump assembly wiring layout so if you are having a fuel gauge readout problem, you can click here for a pictorial DIY on how to fix the problem yourself and save what would likely be hundreds of dollars at many shops.

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