Black Fridays: 2nd Gen diesel Ram pummels 11 second Duramax

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10 second ctd 600

This week’s special Saturday edition of Black Friday looks at a Cummins powered 2nd gen Ram on the drag strip where it is abusing a much newer Duramax Chevy.  Unfortunately, there is no information offered in either the description or the comments (which, by the way, are incredibly stupid) but it is clear that these are two heavy modified heavy duty pickups.

The Chevrolet Silverado packing a Duramax diesel in this video is pretty fast with an elapsed time through the quarter mile of 11.469 and a trap speed of 119.69 miles per hour.  Numbers like that would allow this diesel powered Chevy pickup to beat a great many of the sports cars that you see on public roads.  That is also a whole lot faster than your average Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Ram but the 2nd generation Dodge pickup in this video is clearly far from stock.  The Chevy shown is a quick truck…the CTD Ram shown in the video is holy $#!? Fast.  With a blistering quarter mile time of 10.77 seconds and a trap speed of 121.63 miles per hour, this is a heavy duty Dodge truck that will crush many of the world’s fastest supercars on the drag strip.  It could probably tow all of those supercars home, too.

In addition to being incredibly quick, the Cummins Ram in the video below uses a pair of stacks to black out the sun as it roars down the quarter mile – making it a fitting candidate for our Black Fridays feature pickup.


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