Mopar Muscle Thursdays: Blown Challenger SRT8 eats up a tuned Nissan GT-R

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blown challenger srt8 600

The Nissan GT-R has proven itself as one of the most vicious Japanese performance cars ever and while a stock Dodge Challenger SRT8 powered by the “old” 6.1L Hemi might not be able to keep up with the GT-R – slapping on a supercharger and adding some other goodies allows this particular Challenger to hand the high performance Nissan a serious whoopin’.

The Dodge Challenger SRT8 features a 3.6L Whipple supercharger forcing 16 pounds of boost through the 6.1L Hemi V8 while a performance built automatic transmission, heavy duty axles and a set of Hoosier drag slicks allow this Mopar muscle car to make the most of the available power.  The Nissan GT-R is powered by a twin turbocharged 3.8L V6 that offers 545 stock horsepower (at the transmission – not at the wheels) but the notes on this video state that this GT-R features some exhaust work and a custom ECU tune to send around 500 horsepower to all four wheels via a 6-speed dual clutch transmission and an advanced all wheel drive system.

You would think that the all wheel drive Nissan GT-R with a dual clutch transmission would have a big advantage on the launch but the blown Challenger SRT8 gets out first and does so in fine fashion – quickly pulling away from the Japanese supercar.  On the top end of the track, it looks like the Nissan might be closing a bit on the mighty Challenger but it doesn’t close fast enough as the SRT8’s 10.20 comfortably beats the 10.69 of the GT-R.  The Nissan does post a better trap speed of 128.55 miles per hour to “just” 125.04 by the Challenger but in drag racing, the win goes to who crosses the line first – not to who puts up the highest speed at the end of the track.

In addition to watching this Dodge Challenger SRT8 stomp the $100,000+ Nissan GT-R, this video gives us a chance to hear the big supercharger whine during a monster burnout so when you watch this video, make sure that you have your speakers cranked up so that you can hear the growl of the Hemi as it crushes the twin turbo V6.

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