Black Fridays: 3 Generations of Cummins Rams smokin it up

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3 smoking rams 600

This week for our Black Friday feature, I asked myself “what is better than watching a Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Ram putting on a smoke show?”  The answer is simple…watching three Cummins Rams – one each from the last three generations – all enriching the atmosphere with some thick, sooty diesel smoke.

This video shows a black 4th gen Ram HD, a white 3rd gen Dodge Ram and a 2nd gen Dodge Ram, all fitted with a Cummins Turbo Diesel engine, all obviously modified and all fitted with an exhaust stack.  There might  also be a 3rd gen gas powered Ram at the end of the line that doesn’t get in on the smokey fun but when it comes to smokin’ diesel videos – this trio is tough to beat.  Towards the end of the video, we also see a Ford Super Duty presumably powered by a PowerStroke diesel but maybe its broken down or something as it doesn’t get in on the smokey fun.


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