Black Fridays: 3rd gen Cummins Ram beats – everything

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ram ctd crushing super duty 624

This week’s Black Friday feature looks at a heavily modified 2005 Dodge Ram powered by the mighty Cummins Turbo Diesel in action on an 8th mile drag strip in California.  This video was shot at a “Dodge versus the world” drag racing event so we don’t just get to watch this super fast Ram Heavy Duty beat one truck – we get to see it beat a bunch of trucks and beat them badly.  While this silver Ram is fairly mild in its appearance, the second that the green light drops we see that this is one seriously fast truck.

The video starts off with the 2005 Dodge Ram quad cab racing a regular cab Chevy pickup and the result is a severe beating by the Ram as it ran an impressive 6.96 at 104.92 miles per hour.  A rough conversion chart shows that a 6.96 8th mile run would be in the range of 10.84.  Next in line is a Ford Super Duty but even though the Ford redlights and gets a big jump on the Ram, CTD power prevails as the feature vehicle runs a 6.84 at 104.4 even with a touch of wheel spin at launch.  The third race brings about a Dodge versus Dodge battle but the red Ram in the near lane was no match for the silver truck that ran another 6.85.  The fourth run of the  video pairs the hero vehicle against another Super Duty with another 6.84 run bringing about a serious beating for the Ford and the final video appeared to be a bracket race between the CTD Ram and what looks to be an early 80s Chevy truck.

Aside from the fact that this 2005 Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel beats up on a bunch of other trucks in this video, the more impressive fact is just how quickly this truck gets through the eighth mile.  With times in the 6.84 range, this truck would be very capable of getting into the mid 10 seconds range in the quarter mile.  That’s smokin’ fast.


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