Muddy Mondays: 2nd Gen Ram 1500 goes headlights deep

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silver 2nd gen ram 1500 water 600

This week’s Muddy Mondays feature looks at a 2ng generation Dodge Ram 1500 with a lift kit and a set of serious 40 inch offroad tires.  In most of our Muddy Mondays features, we look at a truck playing in some nice thick mud that will cover the vehicle in a healthy coat of mud but in today’s video – the driver of the Ram takes on what is more realistically a small pond.  The description refers to this body of water as “the trusty old mud bog while the water is deep” but by all accounts – this jacked up Ram is driving through a pond.

The 2nd gen Ram 1500 only makes two passes through the “mud” and while the second run looks like it might end up with something else pulling the hero vehicle out of the deep water, the Magnum V8 keeps on churning and the Ram is able to get up out of the water.  As the video ends, the driver opens the door to let the water out of the cab as his passenger jokes about the video ending up online.

You know that you’ve done some quality offroading when your headlights are under water and the cab is filling with water.


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