Black Fridays: Cummins powered Dodge Dakota destroys some tires

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diesel dakota burnout 600

While our Black Fridays feature videos generally focus on Ram pickups powered by an inline 6 cylinder Cummins Turbo Diesel doing little more than filling the sky with thick black diesel smoke, this week we take at a diesel powered Dodge Dakota that sends more smoke off of the tires than from the exhaust.  The Dakota was never offered with a Cummins but the owner of the truck below took it upon himself to swap in a smaller Cummins to make for one torque-tastic small pickup.

Unlike the diesel engines offered in the Ram Heavy Duty lineup, the owner of this Dakota opted for a 4 cylinder Cummins engine with a pair of turbochargers helping to produce around 400 wheel horsepower.  The owner doesn’t specify what kind of torque he is making but with 75 pounds of boost and a quarter mile time in the high 12 second range – I would bet that this small Dodge truck is packing some serious torque to go with those 400 angry ponies.

You will notice that unlike our normal Black Fridays features, this video has only a touch of diesel smoke out of the single exhaust stack at the beginning and end of the video but I think that the amount of tire smoke produced by this diesel powered 1st generation Dakota makes it more than worthy of being included on this Black Friday.  As burnouts go…this is a pretty incredible one…showing what happens when you put a monster diesel engine (even a 4-cylinder) in a lightweight pickup truck.


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