Black Fridays: Cummins Ram Runs Mid 9s

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bf 9 second ctd 2g 600

I just cannot get enough when it comes to videos of Dodge Ram pickups rocketing down the quarter mile in the 9 second range and when you add to that video a Cummins Turbo Diesel engine spewing soot the whole way – it makes the clip that much better.  This week’s Black Friday feature looks as a purpose built CTD Ram race truck in action on the quarter mile with the results being a 9.48 at 141.28 miles per hour.

Unlike the vast majority of the super fast Cummins powered Rams that we featured on DodgeForum, this truck looks like a fairly “normal” truck shy of the huge stacks sticking through the hood.  Oddly, for a truck that runs well into the 9 second range, there is no roll cage extending out of the back of the cab and into the bed nor does it have a huge set of drag slicks tucked under a modified bed.  Realistically, if it wasn’t for the stacks coming through the hood, this is a truck that could very easily blend in with traffic – provided that you didn’t notice the crazy decal scheme along the sides.

Like most of our Black Fridays feature videos, this truck sounds just as awesome as it runs so make sure to have your speakers cranked up to hear this monster diesel race engine in action!


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