Black Fridays: Diesel Ram rear engine race truck shakedown runs

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bf rear engine diesel ram 600

This week’s Black Friday video takes a look at a purpose built, Cummins powered 2nd generation Ram race truck as it prepares and attacks the quarter mile for some “shakedown runs”.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to see this rear end  monster make any full passes but even in letting off around half track and coasting through the top end, this monster is able to dip into the 12 second barrier – all in a thick cloud of diesel soot.

As you can see in the early portion of this video, what looks to be a 2nd generation regular cab/short bed Ram 1500 is actually a race chassis tucked under a funny car body engineered to look like a half ton Ram pickup.  There probably isn’t a single component of this nasty fast race truck that actually came from the factory on a Ram 1500 RCSB but that doesn’t make this truck any less impressive as the driver makes some short test runs.  While we don’t see a full pass (that would likely dip into the 8 second range), we do get to watch this drag truck do some incredible burnouts and some equally impressive launches before shutting off around half track and coasting the rest of the way.  Of course, there is also plenty of thick diesel smoke throughout the video that helps to make it worthy of consideration for our Black Friday feature spot.  Enjoy!


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