Black Fridays: More and More Smoke from This 2g Cummins Ram

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progressive ram soot 600

We feature plenty of videos showing Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Dodge Ram pickups rolling coat on the dyno but this week’s Black Friday takes it to an all new extreme.  Unlike most of our sooty diesel Ram dyno videos that show us one good blast of thick black smoke, this video shows the Ram climbing into the throttle several times – which means several massive plumes of black soot.

The information states that the shop which built this diesel Ram didn’t get the power numbers that they wanted so we don’t learn what this beast put down on the dyno but there is so much smoke in this video, it is impossible to pass up.  The Ram makes impressive amounts of soot under light throttle as the driver works through the gears but things get serious around 33 seconds in during the first hard pull.  The second pull comes about 45 seconds later and during this blast – this black 2g Ram billows as much smoke as Ive ever seen from a Cummins on the rollers.  Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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