Muddy Mondays: Dodge Ram Doing a Burnout in the Mud – Or Something Like That

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3rd gen ram mud burnout 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature takes a look at an early 3rd gen Dodge Ram 1500 doing a burnout in a mud puddle…or at least that is what the video calls it.  As we all know, doing a “burnout” involves spinning the tires on some sort of surface that is solid enough to cause the tires to create smoke.  You really cannot do a “burnout” in a deep mud puddle with a Ram or anything else but you can stop in a mud puddle and spin your back tires with the front brakes holding the truck in place.  It wont create smoke so it really isn’t a burnout but it is almost as entertaining.

Technically, I would call what this Ram is doing a “break stand” and not a “burnout” but logistics aside, the Ram in this video spends almost 30 seconds with the back tires in a sloppy mud pit – slinging mud everywhere to the purr of a Mopar V8.  Towards the end of the clip, the driver lets off of the front brakes and the Ram continues to spin the tires and sling mud as it slowly creeps away from the puddle.  It might not be a burnout but it is muddy enough for Muddy Monday!

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