Black Fridays: Watch This Gorgeous 2g Ram Roll Coal as it Pulls

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bright red ctd ram pull 600

A great many of the hard working trucks that we feature on Black Friday are either roughed up work trucks or covered in mud and that makes sense, as this Cummins powered Dodge Ram pickups are far more than just show pieces.  However, this week’s featured heavy duty diesel Ram looks very near as clean as it was the day that it was made.  Finished in bright red with only the huge stack poking through the hood, this truck doesn’t look at that different from a normal production Ram with the obvious exception of the items required of a proper pulling truck.

We don’t know what has been done to this Dodge Ram Sport, but we do know that the Cummins Turbo Diesel under the hood has been modified to the tune of making 1,500 horsepower at 100 psi of boost.  That is one nasty powerful Ram HD and in addition to the thick soot that pours from the stack in the hood, this Ram makes short work of the massive sled as it rushes to the end of the pulling area.  Not surprisingly, this Ram sounds as great as it looks so make sure that your speakers are turned up…and enjoy!

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