Tech Thread Spotlight: Rewiring the stereo speakers in your 1g Dodge Dakota

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1st gen dakota 2

Do you have a 1st generation Dodge Dakota with a problematic sound system and you want to address the issue, but you arent sure exactly what you are getting into?  Troubleshooting a wiring problem – especially with something as non-crucial as the speakers – can be a real headache so the easiest way to go about fixing this problem is to run new wiring but that can raise some questions.  If you are one of the people who would like to run new speaker wires in your Dodge but you arent sure that you know how, you are in luck.

We have a great thread in our 1st gen Dakota section explaining how to run new wiring from the dash and into the doors in your Dodge pickup.  The thread is only two posts long but after one member asked a question on rewiring his 1st gen Dakota, another member spoke up and posted a short yet descriptive rundown on how to properly run the wires so that you can have a speaker system that works better than new!

Click here to head into the 1st generation Dodge Dakota section for a quick rundown on how to run new speaker wires for your Dodge pickup!

Pictured: crazy4x4RT’s 1st gen Dakota

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