Blown SRT10 Ram Whoops up on a Lightning

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ram beats lightning screenshot.jpgI stumbled across this video of a supercharged Dodge Ram
SRT10 regular cab racing a modified Ford Lightning F150 on YouTube today and
while it is an older video – it is a good one. 
The production quality isn’t the greatest as the videographer hasn’t
figured out how to stay out of the reflection of his own shots – or stand still
and keep the trucks in frame – but it is still a great piece showing a blown
Viper-powered Ram flogging a built Lightning.

Before the racing begins in this battle of high performance
pickups, there is a quick rundown of the Ram SRT10 regular cab and the Ford
Lightning F150 explaining that the Lightning has an estimated 490 rear wheel
horsepower while the blown SRT10 packs an impressive 641 rear wheel
horsepower.  Based on that, you can
probably guess what the outcome might be but the video still gives us a look at
three head to head runs on an informal drag strip – with a cameraman at the
beginning to show the launch and at the end to show the winner.  There are also a couple burnouts and some
sexy flyby videos featuring both trucks, providing a great comparison between
the two highest performance American trucks ever.

My favorite run is the second, where the Lightning gets a
huge jump at the starting line and the blown SRT10 Ram drives around him at the
top end with the roar of the Viper V10 clearly audible over the whine of the
two superchargers.  The winning margin of
that race is shown in the still above.

Sadly, the Ram SRT10 and the Ford Lightning are both gone
but there have been hints from senior Chrysler management that there could be a
new SRT-built Ram on the horizon.

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