Chrysler Design Team Takes Another Shot

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Just weeks after Design Team Chief Trevor Creed announced
his retirement; one of the head designers for Chrysler, Michael Castiglione has
left the company.  Castiglione, whose
most well known work in his 15 years with the company stems back to the
Chrysler 300, was one of the individuals most involved with the design of the
2006 Dodge Challenger Concept and the 2008 Dodge Challenger production model.

While it is not uncommon for members of the design teams to
move around, Castiglione has not left to join the competition, but rather a
much smaller design company.  His new
position is with the little-known Ken Okuyama Design, and as their chief
designer he will oversee projects that range from eyeglasses to airplanes.  Ken Okuyama Design has dabbled on automobiles,
such as the K.O 8 Coupe shown here. 

This will certainly be a change for Castiglione, and
hopefully for Chrysler, his replacement will help boost Chrysler as the
automotive market changes.  The departure
of Trevor Creed could take the company in a new direction, but with Ralph
Gilles taking over his position, there is still a familiar face, and one who
happened to be involved with the sexy new Dodge Ram.

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