Chrysler Gauging Dealership Reaction on Ram Rumble Bee Concept

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The Chrysler Group debuted the new Ram 1500 Rumble Bee Concept last month at Detroit’s Woodward Dream Cruise and after a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the viewing public, the company has planning conversations with dealerships around the country to get their thoughts on a possible production model based on the Ram Rumble Bee Concept.  Considering how little cost is involved in the possible Rumble Bee production model combined with the success of the Rumble Bee Ram option back in 2003 and 2004, there seems to be a very good chance that the sporty Rumble Bee package will soon be offered on the Ram 1500.


While there is a good chance that the Ram 1500 Rumble Bee Concept will become a production reality, there will likely be some changes from what we saw at Woodward.  The most significant change will likely be the removal of the matte Drone Yellow exterior paint as matte paint costs more and requires more maintenance but considering that the Chrysler Group has a very attractive gloss yellow option that has been used on the Challenger and Charger.  The Rumble Bee Concept may also come with different 24 inch wheels – presumably something directly from the Mopar catalog – but other than that the production model should look very much like the concept.


On the inside, the production version of the Ram 1500 Rumble Bee will likely have unique leather bucket seats, Rumble Bee logos and a black-and-yellow layout but it will likely not have the shift knob with the real bee frozen in the center of the knob over the honeycomb background.  However, the company can just as easily switch to a simple bee graphic over the honeycomb and it will look almost as cool.  Most importantly, I am hoping that any production version would include the “rumble button” that allows the driver to select which of the dual exhaust modes is chosen.  Chrysler has a dual mode exhaust system in their arsenal – it is just a matter of adapting that technology to the Ram 1500 exhaust system.

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