Muddy Mondays: 4th gen Ram 1500 slips and slides on stock 20s

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muddy white 4th gen 1500 600

Many of our Muddy Monday features show modified Ram trucks that are usually a little older playing in the mud but this week’s piece stars what looks to be a fairly stock 2011 Ram 1500 in some muddy action.  Based on the ride height and what appear to be the stock 20 inch wheels, this truck is stock and when we add in the amount of slipping and sliding going on as the Ram goes from one side of the pit to the other – we would also guess that it is wearing the stock tires as well.

This video is proof that a 4th gen Ram 1500 in stock form is capable of proving some sloppy mudding fun – although it will get the gorgeous Ram incredibly dirty if done properly.  Also, even though we can barely tell what color this Ram is, it is awesome watching the new (ish) Ram doing its thing in the mud.  Efficient, powerful, fast, handsome and offroad capable in stock form…a list of reasons why we all love our Ram trucks.


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