Things Get Worse for the Dart RallyCross Teams in Charlotte

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2013 Dodge Dart Rally car

The Dodge Dart race teams of the Global RallyCross series took to the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway this past weekend with their “normal” drivers in place and the hopes of great things but in the end – the race went just as poorly as the rest of the events this season.  Even with Travis Pastrana and Bryce Menzies in attendance (having both of them has been a rare occurrence this season), Menzies’ #99 car once again failed to make it to the finals while Travis Pastrana failed to complete a full lap in the finals after looking fairly sharp in his heat race.

Once again, the qualifying round put both Travis Pastrana and Bryce Menzies head to head in the same heat race with the pair of Dodge Dart rallycross cars hitting the track for Sunday’s heat #2.  On the start, a heated race to the first corner saw Menzies collide with Pastrana and as a result, Menzies lost his right front wheel.  Pastrana was able to climb up to second to secure his spot in the finals but for Menzies, he wasn’t able to make it into the first turn.

Bryce Menzies went into the Last Chance Qualifier with his Red Bull Dart in an effort to grab one of the three transfer spots into the final race and he almost made it through an entire lap but when Tanner Foust hit the wall right before the start/finish line – forcing Sandell and Menzies to tangle up and crash – Bryce wasn’t even able to complete the first lap.

Travis Pastrana started on the second row in the finals with his 600 horsepower Dart and as the field battled through the first few turns, Pastrana sat in the middle of the group.  However, as the field entered the sharp uphill turn, Sverre Isachsen spun his Subaru and everyone behind him slammed into him in an effort to shove their way past.  During this melee on the hill, Travis Pastrana’s Dart was banged around and he lost steering…leaving him dead on the hill.  The race was red flagged and while Sverre was able to line up for the restart, Pastrana was not.

Travis would officially finish 9th while Bryce settled for the 14th position.  On the season, Travis Pastrana sits in the 11th position while Bruce Menzies is in the 16th position.  Should Travis pull out a big win at the season finale in Las Vegas, he could jump as high as 9th but based on the struggles this season – that win won’t come easy if it comes at all.

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