Cool Thread of the Day: 1st Gen Dodge Dakota Member’s Rides

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1st gen dakota 1

One of my favorite kinds of threads to feature are model specific member’s rides pictorial threads because it gives us a look at all of the ways the different members can make their car or truck more distinct and this week we look at the 1st generation Dodge Dakota pictorial show off thread.  With the first examples of the Dodge Dakota hitting the street in the 1980s, members have had plenty of time to post up pictures of their trucks and this thread has stood the test of time – with more than 35 pages of members showing off their pride and joy.

One of the most interesting aspects of the 1st gen Dodge Dakota thread is that this original midsized pickup can be modified for a variety of purposes.  This thread includes trucks that have been modified to go quick down the quarter mile, trucks that have been modified to tackle the deepest mud and trucks that serve as daily drivers and have haven’t been modified at all.So grab a drink, get comfortable and click here to head into the 1st gen Dodge Dakota!

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