Cool Thread of the Day: 2g Dodge Neon Paint Options and Codes

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2001 dodge neon 600

Do you have a 2nd generation Dodge Neon and you arent sure of the name or paint code?  This could become a problem if you are trying to buy touch up paint to address some annoying stone chips or if you are planning to have the whole car painted the original color.  Fortunately, we have a list here on DodgeForum of the full collection of Dodge Neon paint names and codes from 1999 through 2005.  In some cases, the names changed from year to year while the actual paint code (and shade) did not so what is Flame Red to a 2002 Neon owner is Poppy Red in 2004…but both are PR4 red (shown above).

As you look through the lists for each of those Dodge Neon model years, you might notice familiar paint codes from other Chrysler Group vehicles in prior years.  For example, the PR4 mentioned above is also the paint code from my 1994 Ram 1500 Sport and on other models from similar model years, the same paint code might have more than one name but when it comes to the Neon – this list can fill you in as to what the color of your car is named and what the Chrysler paint code was for that color in that year.

Click here to check out the 2g Dodge Neon paint code list.

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