Mopar Muscle Thursdays: Old School Battle Between a Big Block Dart and a Big Block Duster

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dart duster race

While a great many of our Mopar Muscle Thursday clips show heavily modified Mopar cars and trucks that look like they were built specifically for racing – this week we take a look at two very mild looking vintage Mopar muscle cars in action with a big block Dart in the far lane and a big block Plymouth Duster in the near lane.  Shy of the engine size of each car, we don’t know what kind of modifications are done to each but it is clear from their quarter mile times that both the Dart and the Duster are far from stock.

After doing an awesome smokey burnout, the 440 Dart in the far lane gets away from the 383 Duster on the start and the vinyl-roof clad Dart held on through the top end for the win with an impressive run of 11.775 at 113.97 miles per hour while the Duster in the near lane ran 12.464 at 107.56 miles per hour.  Those are both great times for cars that appear to be more show friendly than track-purposed and best of all – you have to love a car that will run high 11s with chrome Cragar rims and a vinyl top.


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