Tire Shredding Tuesdays: Dodge Neon SRT4 Makes the Most Epic FWD Burnout Video Ever

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epic black srt4 burnout 600

While we have featured some impressive front wheel drive burnouts as part of our Tire Shredding Tuesday segment, the tire shredding video offered up by this Dodge Neon SRT4 is one of the best FWD burnout videos I have seen.  The video is just over two minutes long and there is no fluff here – the entire video shows this Neon SRT4 destroying the front tires.

Now, the camera angles change repeatedly so there is a good chance that this is a bunch of different angles of the same burnout or a collection of burnouts all linked together but there are single portions of this clip where the Neon SRT4 smolders the front skins for at least 30 straight seconds.  At the end of the video, as the Neon SRT4 rolls away from the starting spot as it leaves two huge trails of burning rubber behind, the cameraman pans back to show the piles of cooked rubber powder and molten asphalt on the ground.  There might be better burnouts on the internet but this Neon SRT4 is the star of one of the greatest front wheel drive burnout videos I have seen.  Enjoy!

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