Cool Thread of the Day: 2g Ram Rear Differential Thread

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2g ram lowered

Do you have a 2nd generation Dodge Ram with an open differential or perhaps you had an open differential and you just installed a Detroit Locker rear?  Do you have a 2nd gen Dodge Ram with a rear end problem and your biggest problem is that you don’t know what your truck should have – or what any of those terms like open differential mean?  You are in luck, as the 2g Ram section has a simple thread where other 2g owners have posted what rear differential setup they are running – whether stock or modified.

In addition to the poll asking the other 2g Ram owners what rear differential setup they have, there is a post about half way down the first page (post #14) by Hammer Z71 explaining the differences between the different rear end types and the advantages of each.  Whether you have a 2g Ram and you want to share with the group what you are running for a rear differential or if you are a new owner hoping to learn something about the world of truck differentials – this post is one that you should stop and comment on before heading into the rest of the Ram truck section.

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