Truckin Fast Wednesday: 89 Dakota Roars Down the Quarter Mile

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dakota racing altered 600

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday clip features a 1989 Dodge Dakota that has obviously had some serious work done under the hood in action on the quarter mile against what looks to be a rough and ready altered wheelbase car with wheelie bars and a parachute.  Unfortunately, there are no details on this 1st gen Dakota, but we can tell before the truck even cleans the tires off that this isnt your run of the mill midsized Dodge pickup.  The styling is subtle – with only a low rise hood and a roll cage poking through the back of the cab – but when the green light drops, this Dakota gets away from the line in a big hurry.

As the lights come down, something seems to happen to the car in the near lane while the Dakota gets a solid launch – ripping away from its competitor and roaring down the track with the quickness.  At the top end of the track, this 1st gen Dakota runs through the traps with a speed of 118.51 miles per hour and an elapsed time of 11.414 seconds – that’s truckin fast.  This Mopar powered sport truck sounds great as it screams down the track so make sure to crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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