Tech Thread Spotlight: Sprucing Up Your 2g Dodge Ram Dash

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Dodge Ram T-Rex Concept

A great many of the 2nd generation Dodge Ram pickups ran into a problem where the dash board cracked due to baking in the sun for years.  I know…because it happened to more than one Dodge truck Ive driven so I understand how unattractive the dash of the Ram is when it looks like a series of earthquakes rocked the surface. Fortunately, DodgeForum member VARam1500 put together an awesome DIY on how make your dash look like new…and maybe even better than new.
VARam1500 went through the process of covering the dash of his 2g Ram in vinyl and while he states that it isnt “restoration quality” – but it can be argued that the dash board shown covered in vinyl looks better than some of the 2g Ram dash pads did from the factory.  He explains what he bought and even includes some tips along the way to make recovering your Ram dash as easy and as successful as possible.

VARam1500 included plenty of pictures so you can follow through each phase while also seeing how great his dash looked when he was done.  Click here to head into the 2nd gen Dodge Ram section for a step by step DIY on how to make your dash look like it is brand new again!

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