Cool Thread of the Day: 2nd Gen Ram Suspension Thread

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2g ram lowered

There is a long list of companies who offer suspension lift and lowering kits for the 2nd generation Dodge Ram pickups so for the first time owner, it can be tough to research all of the options and decide which is best for you and your truck.  Fortunately, our 2nd generation Dodge Ram section has a thread that has a great many members who have posted with what type of suspension alterations they have performed and what company’s products they selected in the process.

Whether you have owned multiple Dodge Ram trucks and you are currently looking to modify a recently acquired 2nd gen Ram or you are new to the truck scene and you are interested in finding out what options you have to either raise or lower your truck – this thread offers those looking to change the look and ride of their Ram a chance to see many of the most popular options on the market.  This thread doesn’t offer any advice on installation or anything like that but many of the members who have posted up their suspension setup have either offered input on those kits or pictures – or both.

Click here to check out the 2nd gen Dodge Ram suspension thread!


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