Cool Thread of the Day: 4g Ram Cold Air Intake Thread

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4th gen ram 600

The quickest and easiest modification to make to your new Dodge Ram truck is a cold air intake.  This component can add a little performance, improve fuel economy, spruce up the engine bay and improve the sound of your Ram but picking one for your truck can be difficult with so many options on the market.  Fortunately, we have a thread in our 4th gen Ram section where owners have posted information on the cold air intake (CAI) kit that they chose for their truck including install information and any gains as a result of the new intake system.

If you just got a 4th gen Ram truck and you are considering different brands, this thread is great for reading experiences from other owners or asking specific questions to those who have gone through the experience of picking a CAI for their Ram.  Click here to head into the DodgeForum 4th gen Dodge Ram section for a closer look at information on the different cold air intake options for the newest Ram trucks!

Also, if you own 4th gen Ram and you have already picked a cold air intake for your truck, head into our CAI information thread to share your own experiences by clicking the link above!

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