Mopar Muscle Thursdays: Dodge Charger RT Bids a Smokey Farewell to Stock Rims

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There is a good chance that if you are reading this, you have at some point been in the same situation as the owner of the Dodge Charger in the video below.  He has purchased new wheels for his Charger R/T and he has made arrangements to sell the stock wheels.  Judging by this video, the buyer of the wheels isn’t interested in the tires so this Charger owner is going to have a final few minutes of smokey fun before handing over the rear rims.

Now the burnouts in this video aren’t the best in the world but this Dodge Charger R/T sounds awesome and while brief – these burnouts are pretty solid.  The owner also takes this opportunity to show the SRT style front wheels that will replace the stockers as he sends the factory tires to their smokey graves.  Crank up your speakers as the 5.7L Hemi under the hood of this Charger roars with some help from a full header back exhaust system with the cats removed.  Add in the custom tune and you have a tire roasting Charger that makes 322 rear wheel horsepower and 365lb-ft of rear wheel torque.

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