Cool Thread of the Day: How Fast Has Your 3g Durango Gone?

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2013 durango rt 600
While many sport utility vehicles offer vastly more utility than sport – the 3rd generation Dodge Durango is an SUV that covers all of the bases.  It can tow, it can comfortably seat 6 people (more if those people are smaller), it has a huge cargo area and it has a pair of powerful engines that allow it to be a sporty utility vehicle.  People go fast in the Durango because it is built to go fast and here on DodgeForum, we have a discussion among 3rd gen Durango owners about just how fast they have gotten their SUV moving.

This thread discusses the factory top speed of the 3rd gen Dodge Durango but thanks to the wonders of aftermarket tuners, many of our members have gone well beyond the factory top speed.  If you want to share with the group how fast you have gotten your Durango going or you just want to see how fast owners have gotten their Pentastar or Hemi powered Dodge SUVs rolling – click here to check out the Durango top speed thread.

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