Truckin Fast Wednesdays: 2g Dakota Gets Torn Up on the Tuff Truck Course

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dakota tuff truck flight 600

Ahh the simple fun of a Tuff Truck race.  Take a near stock, street driven Dodge Dakota and attack a motocross track with enough speed to get the truck off of the ground over and over.  Needless to say, Tuff Truck races can be hard on the truck and that fact is clearly displayed by the fact that the tailgate of this Dakota falls off fairly early in the run.

Judging by the look of this Dodge Dakota, I would guess that this wasn’t its first attempt at a Tuff Truck course as it was far from show quality before it left the starting line.  That could have been why the tailgate was beginning to fall off after the first jump but for a rear wheel drive pickup – this Dakota gets around the track pretty well.  I mean, as well as can be expected for a truck that has parts falling off during the run but that kind of thing is to be expected with Tuff Truck.  More importantly…this Dakota looks like it handled the track well enough to race again!  Enjoy!

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