Tire Shredding Tuesdays: Dodge Magnum SRT8 Roasts the Tires in Sweden

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magnum burnout sweden 600

This week’s Tire Shredding Tuesday video features a silver Dodge Magnum SRT8 doing a big nasty burnout in another country – which I believe to be Sweden based on the license plate and the fact that the description is in Swedish.  When translated, the “about” explains that the other was preparing to swap to winter tires so he decided to do one last big, smokey burnout on his Magnum’s summer tires before making the rubber change.

This Dodge Magnum SRT8 starts off doing a burnout like any other with a minor amount of smoke at first but once those rear rubbers got spinning – the Magnum really put a roast to them.  After letting the tires melt for a few seconds at high rpm, the driver lets the high powered Dodge station wagon roll forward and he lets off for a second before mashing the throttle again and spinning the tires hard as he roared off into the distance.

The Dodge Magnum was a popular model that left the company lineup way too soon and this video is a reminder of just how incredible the Magnum was in SRT8 form.

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