Cool Thread of the Day: Jeep SRT Brakes on a 3g Dodge Durango RT

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srt brake swap durango 600

The Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee are built on the same basic platform and that means that a great many parts are interchangeable – including the high performance braking system from the Grand Cherokee SRT.  DodgeForum member SS2RT went through the process of replacing his stock Durango R/T brakes with the Brembo setup that is found on the SRT Jeep and the result is a Durango that looks even sportier while likely being able to stop on a dime.

As you can see in the image above of SS2RT’s Dodge Durango, the Brembo brakes from the SRT Jeep look incredible behind those big five spoke rims and to help other Durango owners with this swap, he included a parts list and a simple explanation of why he picked the components that he did.  He has also provided a bunch more pictures of his slick looking Durango.  The only down side to this brake swap for Durango owners is that the components are pretty pricey.  SS2RT offers a basic overview of the prices and some quick math reveals that this package cost him somewhere in the area of $2,100 before any labor costs.  That is a whole lotta money but for 3g Durango owners who want the look and the stopping power of the awesome Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT – this is a great mod both in functionality and aesthetics.

Click here to head into the 3g Durango section to check out SS2RT’s brake swap thread!

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