Cool Thread of the Day: Slamming a 3g Durango

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slammed 3 g durango 600

The 3rd generation Dodge Durango is one mean looking street SUV and as is the case with any performance minded vehicle, many owners like the drop the ride height to give it a sportier stance.  In some of those cases, the owners want the vehicles really slammed down around the tires and today’s Cool Thread feature looks at a new Dodge Durango fitted up with a prototype suspension system that his this big SUV sitting just about as tight to the tires as possible.

Owner of the Durango shown above and DF member redalty teamed up with Black Ops Auto Works to get the flared fenders of this full sized SUV hovering just millimeters above the big wheel and tire package for the ultimate street-sport utility vehicle stance.  This thread has been going on for a couple of months now as redalty works out the kinks with the setup, but for those Durango owners looking to get their SUV as low as possible without going to a full suspension swap – this thread might point you in the direction of the your next mod!

Click here to head into the 3rd generation Dodge Durango section for a closer look at the thread discussing this super aggressive lowering spring setup, as well as more pictures of the black Durango shown above.

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