Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Runs 10.30s with Stock Power

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One Mopar muscle car owner is working to see how quickly he can run the quarter-mile without any power-adding mods.

When Dodge introduced the Challenger SRT Hellcat, they stated that with drag radial tires, the 707-horsepower muscle car would run the quarter-mile in just 10.8 seconds, while a Hellcat Challenger with the stock tires can run in the 11.20 range. We have seen proof that both of those numbers are very beatable with seat time and good air, but one Mopar owner is working to see how low his ETAs can go without any power-adding modifications.

So far, his numbers are very impressive. This past weekend, Malcolm Zack and his Hellcat Challenger ran a 10.39 at 135 mph, which is the quickest run by any stock-power Hellcat car. The video above, posted on YouTube by Malcolm Zack, shows this incredible record run at his local drag strip in Ontario, Canada.

Malcom Zack Challenger

We should point out that this Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is not stock with drag radials – it has stock power. Zack has added a stronger driveshaft, a set of 3.09 gears and he has removed roughly 450 pounds from the car, including lightweight brakes, a bare bones interior and skinny front wheels. This combination of weight reduction, sticky tires, steeper gears and a whole lot of seat time allowed Zack to run in the high 10.40s last month, but this past weekend, he was able to pilot his 707 horsepower Challenger down the quarter mile in just 10.39 seconds and, more impressively, he did so with a trap speed of 135.58 miles per hour. On that run, he pulled a 1.5072 60-foot time and his 8th mile numbers were 6.69 at 107mph.


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Again, this is a car that has a fully stock engine, so with just those modifications listed above – Malcolm Zack’s Hellcat Challenger has run 10.30s without adding any extra power.

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