Dodge Dart, Fiat 500 named to KBB’s Coolest 10 under $18k for 2013

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2013 Dodge Dart Limited

The folks at Kelly Blue Book have announced their 10 Coolest Cars for under $18,000 for 2013 and two are from the Chrysler Group. Having two cars on the list is a great honor but having had the pleasure of spending time in all but one vehicle on the list over the past year – I have to wonder why the Dart wasn’t ranked higher.

As you can see in the full list below, the Dodge Dart was ranked as the 5th coolest car under $18,000 behind the Hyundai Veloster, the Ford Focus, the Kia Soul and the Honda Fit. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the Veloster, Focus and Soul over the past year along with a small amount of time in a Honda Fit. These are all great cars for what they do but I have a very difficult time finding much “cool factor” in the Fit. After all, it is a compact station wagon… regardless of what the company calls it. While I agree that the Veloster, Focus and Soul are all cool little cars, I don’t know that they are cooler than the Dart – especially when you consider the available features for the Dart that are not offered in those other vehicles.  At the same time, many of the most impressive features of the Dart are only available on models with a price above $18k and that could be the difference.

The Fiat 500 was ranked the 7th coolest car in 2013 under $18k with the Mazda3 separating the Dart and the 500.  The Fiat beat the VW Jetta, the Honda Civic and the Chevy Spark to claim its spot on the list but like the Dart, I think that the Fiat could have been ranked above the Honda Fit.  Again, not trying to bag on the Fit but this is a “cool factor” list and I have a hard time finding much cool factor in the Honda.

In any case, the fact that the Dodge Dart and the Honda Fit have both been included in the top ten coolest cars for 2013 by KBB shows that the Chrysler Group is doing a great job of offering up cars that catch the eye of those who tell the consumers what to buy.

1 – Hyundai Veloster
2- Ford Focus
3-Kia Soul
4-Honda Fit
5-Dodge Dart
7-Fiat 500
8-VW Jetta
9-Honda Civic
10-Chevy Spark

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