The Dodge Dart Posts Record Sales Numbers in September 2013

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The Dodge Dart has been in a bit of a sales lull over the past few months but in August 2013, the sporty little compact sedan posted a new record sales month with 7,922 units sold around the country.  The previous monthly sales record for the modern Dart sedan came in February 2013 when 7,720 customers drove home in a new Dart.

Not only do the September 2013 sales numbers account for a new monthly sales record for the Dodge Dart but with 7,922 units sold last month – Dodge sold 51% more Darts this September than the company did in the same month last year.

On the year, the Dodge Dart has moved 65,836 units which is represents a 611% increase over the first nine months of 2012 but with the Dart not hitting its full sales stride until August last year, comparing the first three quarters of 2013 to the same period in 2012 doesn’t portray a fair picture of the Dart’s growth.  That figure of 65,000+ Darts sold is a huge increase over the 25,303 sold all of last year and as Dodge closes out on the first full year of sales for their sporty compact sedan, the company looks to sell around 87,000 copies based on the current monthly average sales rate of 7,315 units sold.  Of course, if Dodge can continue the success of September into the final quarter of 2013, the company could near the 100,000 unit plateau and that would be a massive success for the Chrysler Group, the Dodge brand and the new Dart.

The bad news is that even if Dodge sells over 100,000 Dart sedans this year, the Dart is still well behind the competition list that includes the Hyundai Elantra (202,034 in 2012), the Chevy Cruze (237,758), the Ford Focus (245,922), the Toyota Corolla (290,947) and the Honda Civic (317,909).  Those vehicles all have big leads through this year and posted substantially bigger sales figures in 2012 than the Dart could ever dream to hit in 2013 but considering that this is the first full year of Dart sales – the newest compact sedan on the block is showing excellent growth.

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