Cool Thread of the Day: 3rd gen Durango Owner Report Thread

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2013 durango rt 600

When performing the research needed to buy a new vehicle, it is tough to figure out the best sources of information but our 3rd generation Dodge Durango owner reporting thread has some of the best information I’ve seen for prospective buyers.  This thread has posted by a bunch of new Durango owners with a quick rundown of any problems that they have experienced with their SUV, whether or not the problem was fixed and how it was fixed – it applicable.  The owners also list the details of their Durango, when they purchased it and how many miles they have logged at the time of their report.  Some owners also mention what kind of fuel economy figures they are getting with their sporty Dodge SUV.

Unlike some problems that are sensationalized by the media like simple recalls that are experienced by very few owners in the real world, our Dodge Durango owner’s report thread is full of actual problems experienced by actual owners.  There is no exaggeration for the sake of improved readership or better ratings – just real world data offered up by the people who spent their hard earned cash on the Durango.

If you are looking to buy a new Dodge Durango (or a lightly used 3rd gen Durango), this thread offers the best look Ive seen of the kinds of problems affecting the roomy, muscular SUV in the real world.  Click here for a closer look!

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