SEMA Review: Coach Builders Challenger Convertible

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challenger vert front high.JPGSince the Challenger was introduced at the North American International Auto Show In Detroit, enthusiasts have hoped and prayed for a convertible version.  Drawings and edited pictures of droptop Challengers surfaced along the way, but nothing official has come from Ma Mopar, even though those “someone from Chrysler told me” rumors have kept the rumormill churning.  However, Coach Builders Ltd. has come to the rescue with their own Challenger convertible, and their model shown at SEMA 2008 was dressed to the nines for the event.

challenger vert rear.JPGLike so many other Mopars at the show, the Coach Builders convertible is finished in metallic green, with a flat black hood and trim items.  The wheels are a bit much for me, and I think that they would look better on an Escalade than the Challenger, but the rest of the car is awesome.  I only got to see it with the top down, so Im not sure what it looks like with the top up, but with the top down, its hard to tell that this wasn’t a factory option.  The hard angled lines of the cover are more prominent than many convertibles in this area, but the addition fits the car very well.  The custom interior serves to tie together the overall styling of the Challenger convertible, and the T/A style hood was a great touch.

challenger vert front.JPGIve not been able to find out a conversion cost from Coach Builders Ltd, but for anyone really interested in having their Challenger turned into a vert, Coach Builders has put together a great looking option.

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