Is Your Dodge SEMA Worthy?

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sema worthy 600

The folks from Dodge have launched a new promotional mini site on their official blog that allows you to upload a picture of your vehicle to see if visitors of the site believe that your Dodge is “SEMA Worthy”.  If you are somehow unfamiliar with SEMA, it stands for Special Equipment Market Association and the group consists of pretty much every company in the world that services the automotive industry.  Each year, the SEMA Show in Las Vegas features all of the latest and greatest products from around the industry and the Chrysler Group always has a heavy presence inside and outside of the massive Vegas convention center.  The vehicles that line the Mopar SEMA display are predominantly new products that have been modified with current and future Mopar performance and dress-up parts so with that in mind, you do think that your Dodge is SEMA worthy?

The vehicles of SEMA are generally very heavily modified but the Chrysler Group regularly shows off privately owned vehicles that range from factory stock to so heavily modified that they are questionable for street use.  To help see if your fellow Dodge lovers, Mopar fans and gearheads alike think that your car is worthy of attention at the world’s biggest automotive stage, click here to head over to the official Dodge blog.  Even if you don’t think that your vehicle is something that would be featured at SEMA, you can still vote on those submitted vehicles (like my 1972 Dodge Demon 340 shown above /shamelessplug) whether they are – in your opinion – SEMA worthy.

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