Father and Son Hellcat Tandem Burnout

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This is the kind of relationship we all want to have with our fathers or children, doing burnouts together in Dodge Hellcats as we leave a car show.

A great many automotive enthusiasts learned their passion from their parents, and for the luckiest gearheads, high-performance motoring is a family affair. This is one such case, with a father and son flexing the Mopar muscles of their Hellcat cars as they leave a local car show.

Father and Son Hellcat Cars

The Fuelling Hellcat Cars

In the video above from the YouTube channel of the Charger owner, the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is driven by Chris Fuelling and the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is driven by his dad, Mike Fuelling. Dad’s Challenger is completely stock and Chris’s Charger has a 2.85 upper pulley, a Legmaker cold air intake, freer-flowing mid-pipes and a muffler delete. This means that the Challenger is making the stock 707-ish horsepower while the Charger is making a fair amount more power.

However, even with “only” 707 horsepower, Mike Fuelling’s Challenger puts on just as solid of a smoke show as his son’s supercharged Charger.

Tandem Hellcat Burnout

Now, the video is grainy and the quality isn’t great, but the subject matter is just too good to pass up. Every young car guy would love to sit side-by-side with his dad, doing big, nasty burnouts in a pair of supercharged Dodges. For Chris and Mike Fuelling, this dream is a reality, with the two Hellcat owners being willing and able to put on a massive tandem smoke show.

As the video begins, the two supercharged Mopar muscle cars pull out onto the road, with dad’s Challenger heading to the far lane and the son’s Charger pulling into the near lane. Chris was smart enough to stay back a bit so that everyone could get a good look at bother Hellcat cars as they shaved a few thousandths off of their rear tires.

Within a few seconds, there is smoke pouring off of the back tires of both of these Dodge performance cars and as the cloud builds, each SRT beast roars off into the distance.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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