What Happens When You Mess With the Brotherhood of Muscle?

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New 30-second commercial shows the bond between Dodge owners in the brotherhood of muscle.

These days, Dodge fancies itself as more than just the manufacturer of 707-horsepower family sedans or the purveyor of Durangos with 6.4-liter Hemis under their hoods. In fact, it describes itself – in Vin Diesel’s deep, gravelly voice, actually – as not even a carmaker, but as a major family figure in the “brotherhood of muscle.”

dodgeforum.com Dodge Brotherhood of Muscle Chase a Wolf Commercial

Dodge’s newest 30-second commercial takes that familial bond even further, suggesting that Dodge owners are part of a sort of wolfpack (insert “The Hangover” jokes here). The spot starts with the Dodge brothers roaring down a snow-covered road in an all-wheel-drive Challenger GT as they’re being pursued by mysterious figures on ATVs. No matter how fast the brothers go or how wildly they drift through the powder, their aggressive followers keep up. Eventually, they manage to get a lead.

Diesel croaks, “When you chase a wolf, he always leads you back to the den.”


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The brothers manage to meet up with the drivers of an AWD Journey, Durango, and Challenger. “That’s the brotherhood of muscle.” The hunted have now become the hunters. All of the Dodges shoot toward the ATVs, chasing them back the way they came.

It’s a dramatic visual statement which is perfect for a commercial. It’s not too far off from the reality we observed at an event last year, though. We went to the WeAreMopar festival at the Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) in Ft. Worth, Texas. There wasn’t any snow or dramatic car chases, but there was a strong connection there. When we spoke with the heads of two Mopar owners clubs, they both told us that one of the distinguishing characteristics of Mopar enthusiasts is a sense of family. Their groups often help their members out during family or financial emergencies. That’s a bond that can take whatever comes at it – even hoods on four-wheelers.

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