Five Alternative Uses for That Damn Plastic Engine Cover

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Hate your plastic engine cover? We’ve got a few ideas what you can do with it….

Have you ever attempted to peek at your ride’s beautiful¬†engine, only to be block blocked by a useless plastic engine cover? You’re not alone! Not only do these covers add weight and hide vital components from owners, they’re meant to subtly intimidate owners into taking their vehicles to the dealership for service, rather than work on their own cars.

In 2017 Haynes Manuals, the world-leading publisher of automotive, motorcycle, marine, and tractor repair content, conducted informal surveys regarding the biggest barriers to automotive do-it-yourself repair. Surprisingly, one of the top answers was the ubiquitous plastic engine cover! It wasn’t the lack of experience, time, or money, but an engine cover. Wow.

A decade or two ago car manufacturers decided they wanted to hide the inner workings of their engine compartments in order to boost their revenue streams. As a result, they started to install plastic covers that obscure the motor. While the design may look tidy, they present a major problem for many looking to save money by working on their own vehicles. They create a psychological barrier for would-be mechanics looking to save money on their cars.

Thankfully, Haynes Manuals has also come up with five neat alternative uses to give to your engine’s plastic cover. Enjoy!

Kitty Litter Box

engine cover

Let’s face it, it may not be the most spacious or luxurious for your hellcat, but it’ll get the job done.

Modern Wall Art

engine wall art

Looking to add a little artistic flair to your empty wall? How about showing it a little Hemi love?

Holiday Helper


Holiday dinner tray? Absolutely!

Make some cash


Did somebody break, misplace, or have their engine cover stolen (is that a real thing?)? List it online, sell it, and make some cash!

Throw it in the trash

Can’t quite pull off one of the previous four options? Simple, just throw it in the dumpster!

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