Force Performance to build LX based Charger coupe.

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The Dodge Charger has become one of the company’s best
selling models, but when the rumors of the return of the Charger came around,
many had hoped for the return of a high horsepower, two-door coupe similar to
those found in the 1960s and 1970s.  Many
of those people were happy with the new Charger, but some still grumble that it
should have been a coupe.  That group was
further pacified by the new Dodge Challenger, but there remain those who want a
two door Charger, and Force Performance of Miami, Florida is taking steps to
appease those people with their Force Performance TriCharger.

Force Performance has started with a new Dodge Charger, and
the styling changes begin, of course, with the alteration from four doors to
two.  The doors wear the same
indentations as the 1969 Charger, and the grille area has been redesigned to
have a center-split section similar to that found on the ’69 models.  The large hood scoop offers both form and function,
as the TriCharger focuses as much on performance as it does on styling.

 Force is known in their area for forced induction and
aftermarket fuel injection setups, so it would only make sense for their
two-door Charger to feature a forced induction setup, and what a setup it offers.  It starts with a late model Hemi built to 426
cubic inches and topped by a set of Indy Cylinder Heads, fed by twin Garrett
GT40 turbochargers AND a MagnaCharger Supercharger.  It is expected that the TriCharger, when
completed, will make somewhere in the area of 1200 horsepower, and with the
2008 SEMA Show less than a month away now, perhaps this awesome TriCharger
coupe may be unveiled in Vegas?

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