This 1988 FrankenPlymouth Will Blow the Bolts out of Your Neck

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Apparently, Dr. Frankenstein is a real guy. It seems he’s moved from cobbling creatures to assembling quick sleeper cars for the drag strip. Behold this 1988 (FrankenPlymouth) Sundance with a 2.5-liter Chrysler bottom end, a 1997 Dodge Neon’s cylinder head, the 60-mm turbo from a Dodge pickup, a Toyota Supra’s transmission and the nine-inch rear end from a Ford. Speaking of that, this 559-whp car has been converted to rear-wheel drive. It’s clear (and stated) that the good doctor harvested junkyard metal organs for his patchwork-performance Plymouth.

Watch this car blast to an 11-second quarter-mile in the video below. It’s aliiiiiiiive!

Derek Shiekhi contributes to a variety of Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including J-K Forum , Jaguar Forums, and 5 Series. He's also a member of the Texas Auto Writers Association.

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