Truckin Fast: 2g Dodge Dakota RT Dashing Through the Snow

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dakota in the snow 600

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday feature takes a slightly different approach than usual, trading a dry drag strip or a muddy Tuff Truck course for a big, snow covered parking lot where a 2g Dodge Dakota R/T is stretching its legs and having fun doing so. This Dakota starts by drifting from around the building into the foreground followed by a nice snowy donut and a bunch more drifting in the deep snow. Finally, this high performance midsized Dodge truck disappears into the distance – fishtailing back and forth all of the way.

Sure, the Dodge Dakota R/T is likely far more comfortable on a drag strip, a road course or even while participating in a drift event, but being a truck owner I know how much fun it is to raise a little hell in a big, empty parking lot that is blanketed in a foot of snow. While this truck could certainly do a whole lot faster on a sunny day in mid June, there is no question that watching this modded Dakota play in the snow brings back the positive thoughts of this past snowy winter.

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