Goodbye, Viper ACR: Death of an American Icon

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Say a proper goodbye to the rawest and most exciting American sports car ever built.

The Viper is too weird to live. Really, it’s amazing that such a car ever existed at all. In fact, Dodge took a gamble on creating the world’s most bizarre halo car, one of the most intense and intimidating cars ever built. But after a couple decades on top of the heap of American sports cars, the Viper is finally gone. They’re all accounted for; they’re all built; they’re all sold. We may never see another car like this one in our lifetimes. This Dodge comes with a set of racing harnesses in the trunk, for the love of all that is holy! It was great while it lasted, but so long, and thanks for all the big smokey burnouts.


In this tribute video,¬†Hooniverse¬†takes a beautiful journey in Dodge’s ultimate Viper, the American Club Racer. The ACR was Dodge’s answer to Porsche’s GT3 RS, a track-focused special that could still be registered for the street. It was the pinnacle of track-oriented¬†insanity, and we loved it dearly. The thing even had barely-street-legal track tires specifically designed by Kumho. Depending on the day, and depending on the track, this Dodge could take the fight to pretty much anything else in the FCA lineup (including those red things from Italy).

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Host Jeff Glucker’s vocal audio is almost completely drowned out by the booming exhaust note from the Viper’s gargantuan V10 engine up front. You can still make out what he says, if you listen intently. But you wouldn’t be faulted too much for getting lost in the up-and-down-the-rev-range thrum of the ACR’s aurally intriguing melody. If you want a challenge, try to keep track of the number of times he says the word “insane” in this video. That alone will give you just a modicum of an idea of how insane the Viper ACR actually is.

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