Near-stock Hellcat Charger Beats Demon in Texas

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Lightly-modified Hellcat Charger runs steady 6.30s in the eighth-mile, which would be high-9s in the quarter-mile.

The video above comes to us from the 728 Autos YouTube channel and it features the progress of a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat at Street Car Night at Xtreme Raceway in Texas. Before running into traction issues in a later round, this supercharged sedan beat a new Dodge Demon and a wicked Chevy race truck before losing to a new Camaro ZL1.

Xcesiv Hellcat

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat in the video above is owned and driven by Paul Moody, who goes by xcesiv_hellcat on Instagram. He recently headed to Xtreme Raceway in Texas for their street car night and the results were impressive.

Hellcat Charger Vs Demon

While the video doesn’t include any details, the owner posted in the comments of the video to clarify the mod list. He explained that the car has aftermarket upper and lower pulleys, so it is running more than stock boost and it is tuned to run on E85. It also has 3.09 gears, aftermarket rear wheels and fat drag radial tires, leading me to guess that it also has an aftermarket driveshaft.

These runs were made with the density altitude around 3,200-feet, so in better air on a quarter mile track, this Charger is capable of running well into the nine-second range.

Racing Action

In the first race of the video, the Hellcat Charger takes on a new Demon and after the two pull near-identical reaction times, the supercharged sedan outruns the supercharged coupe to get the win. This is a no-time event, so nothing comes up on the big boards, but we learn afterwards that the sedan ran a 6.38 at 112.33 miles per hour while the Demon ran a 6.51 (we don’t get the speed).

Demon and Charger Down Track

Next, the Hellcat Dodge sedan takes on a Chevy S10 race truck. The pickup gets out a little quicker, but the Mopar monster quickly takes the lead and races to victory, running a 6.38 at 112.28 miles per hour.

Finally, the Charger takes on a new Camaro ZL1. The left lane was wetter than the Dodge driver would have liked, so he didn’t get the tires hot enough and that led to traction troubles on the launch. As a result, the Camaro got out to an early lead and the Charger couldn’t battle back.

Hellcat Charger Burnout

Afterwards, the video host complains that the Camaro was on a full slick while the Hellcat was on drag radials and with it being a street event, people shouldn’t have been running slicks, but in any case, the Chevy lost in the next round.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy.

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